Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

The Inn On Golden Pond is surrounded by 50 acres of beautiful wooded landscape that might inspire you to venture out and learn more about the area’s environment.  Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is the ideal place to experience the flora and fauna that call the New Hampshire Lakes Region their home. This nature center features live animal exhibits and natural science education programs has been operating for more that forty years and is the only institution in northern New England to be accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  Get close to nature when you take in all there is to do and see at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.Movie Carol (2015)

Animal Exhibits

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has several live animal exhibits representing the wildlife native to New Hampshire.  The center’s captive animals are mostly orphaned, injured or otherwise unable to survive on their own in the wild.  Recognition of the importance of the animals’ welfare and their value as an educational tool for visitors is paramount at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. Exhibits featuring live captive animals include the Mountain Lion Exhibit, the Bobcat Exhibit, the White-Tailed Deer Exhibit, the Black Bear Exhibit, the Celebrate Birds Exhibit and the Raptor Exhibit.  In addition to these exhibits, the Ecotone Mammal Exhibit houses red foxes, gray foxes and skunks, while the Life Underground Exhibit gives you a glimpse at the life of  creatures living in the soil. the River Otter Exhibit is popular due to its underwater viewing area and River Otter Feeding sessions each Wednesday and Friday.


The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has three hiking trails to explore. The Mt. Fayal Trail offers a one mile hike where you can take advantage of beautiful views of Squam Lake and see wildlife and native plants and trees.  Also be on the lookout for the ruins of the old Piper Homestead.  The Ecotone Trail is a short hike of about 1/3-mile.  An ecotone is the border of two different natural communities meeting.  This half hour hike is along the boundary of a field and a forrest, making it good for viewing numerous animal habitats. The Forest Trail is about 2/3-mile, taking around an hour to complete.  This trail has a guide that points out wildlife and more.

Kirkwood Gardens

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is home to Kirkwood Gardens which is full of colorful plants and garden life.  The blooming flowers attract birds, bees and butterflies.  The garden features a large bluestone patio, wooden pergola, a teaching area, a shaded upper garden and sunny lower garden.

Special Events

A host of special events and educational program take place at Squam Lakes Natural Science center throughout the year.  A Young Birders Club meets regularly and celebrations of eco-themed holidays including Earth Day, Arbor Day and International Migratory Bird Day are included in the calendar. To view the full event calendar, click here.

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is a great way for nature lovers staying at the Inn On Golden Pond to get familiar with the area’s natural wonders. Our Holderness bed and breakfast is perfectly located near Squam Lake so you can enjoy Squam Lakes Natural Science Center and many other local attractions. Our large and comfortable rooms are decorated in a classic country style and each features a separate sitting area. The beauty of the surroundings combined with the inn’s friendly atmosphere and cozy accommodations makes for an unforgettable experience.  When you stay at the Inn on Golden Pond, your time in the New Hampshire Lakes Region is sure to be truly special.

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