The New Hampshire Ice Cream Trail

Bet you didn’t know there is an Ice Cream Trail in New Hampshire! One of our favorite foods in the summer (in fact, all year round) is ice cream. So we were happy to read recently that there is an official Ice Cream Trail touching all parts of New Hampshire. Each shop featured on the trail uses...

White Birch – The NH State Tree

Fall foliage will be arriving soon and that makes us think of the New Hampshire state tree – the white birch.  This is a beautiful tree, although not particularly majestic. Its white bark stands out next to other trees which have a  more typical dark bark. Birch bark is a cream white with a yellow...

Why the Leaves Change Color

Fall is absolutely the best season in New Hampshire. The days are sunny and dry. The nights are cool (sometimes cold) and the air is crisp. But above all else the colors are tremendous. Guests at our Holderness B&B often ask why the leaves change color. During the spring and summer the leaves manufacture most of...