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Searching for moose in New Hampshire

This past weekend we completed our annual trek to the most northern part of New Hampshire to look for moose. Even though we only get to do this about once a year it’s one of our favorite New Hampshire activities.

We start out late afternoon heading north to Pittsburg, the last town in New Hampshire before you pass into Canada. There’s a wonderful stretch along Route 3 there known as Moose Alley. Provided we arrive at about dusk we have always seen moose. And seeing  moose never gets old!  This year we saw only one moose before it got too dark to continue our search, but one was enough to keep our record intact.

Pittsburg is about 2 hours north of the Inn On Golden Pond. It’s an easy and pretty drive through some of the most rural sections of New Hampshire. Since we need to arrive around dusk (the moose don’t seem to be out before then) and we leave after darkness sets in we are able to make the trip and be home in about 6 hours. If we travel at a more leisurely pace and stop for dinner it stretches to about 7 hours or so. It’s well worth it!

Guests at our bed and breakfast don’t have to go all the way to Pittsburg to see moose. Closer by in Lincoln, which is only a half hour north, there is a moose tour which goes out most evenings from spring to early fall. The tour guide there works hard to be sure everyone sees a moose. They see moose on just about every tour. Of course, if you’re lucky you’ll get to see a moose right in our backyard. We’ve had sightings during breakfast several times.

So whether you decide to head way up north or stick a little closer moose searching is a special activity waiting for you here in New Hampshire. Check out our “Specials & Packages” page for a Moose Tour package.

Moose munching - Grand Teton National Park