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Lilacs and luxury lodging at our New Hampshire lakes region bed and breakfast

The Lilac season is just about over throughout New Hampshire and the beautiful purple blossoms with their wonderful fragrance will be but a memory for another year. The purple Lilac was named New Hampshire’s state flower in 1919 and the bushes can be found in all parts of the state. We have a couple of bushes here at our Squam Lake inn and as usual they produced numerous flowers. The season seemed a bit short which was probably due to the rain and drizzle we had just as things were blooming. The wet weather caused many blossoms to turn brown rather quickly.

The Governor’s Lilac and Wildflower Commission sponsors a photo contest each year. Check out their website to see the winners from 2010.

Throughout the summer season the New Hampshire landscape will be dotted by numerous wildflowers. If you visit our lakes region bed and breakfast we can help you plan a great day trip which will take you on some of our back roads where you’ll be sure to see the colorful displays. We’ll provide the luxury lodging here in Holderness, mother nature will provide the luxurious scenery throughout your visit.

Fascination...Le Rêve Lilas

Beneath a peaceful blue sky lies a beautiful lilac.