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Geocaching around Squam Lake

This past week I attended a Board retreat for the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. I’ve been on the Board for about three years. The retreat was held at the Minary Center just down the street right here in Holderness, NH on Squam Lake. At one point in our meeting someone mentioned geocaching, and I must admit that while I had heard the term I really didn’t know much about it. When I got home I did a little reading about it. It’s a pretty amazing new (relatively speaking) sport which gets people of all ages outdoors on what one could describe as an electronic scavenger hunt.

Simply put you use a handheld GPS unit to find hidden caches (items.)  Cache locations are listed on Once you get the coordinates for cache sites from the website you enter them into your GPS unit and off you go. It’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy an afternoon of walking or hiking. According to the website there are about 1,000 hidden cache locations within 25 miles of our Squam Lake bed and breakfast!

Of course, like all web based and electronic things this phenomenon is BIG. There are over 1 million geocaches around the world with who knows how many geocachers looking for them. Many states have geocaching organizations. Since we like to hike maybe we’ll use this game as a different twist to get out and enjoy New Hampshire’s lakes region and the White Mountains. My guess is that with Plymouth State University next door to us there are probably geocaches in downtown Plymouth, NH since locations are often in urban settings as well as rural areas.

Maybe we’ll set up a cache site here at the Inn. In addition to folks who are looking for quality lodging in Holderness and the Squam Lake area we’ll get visits from all sorts of geocachers out on an afternoon search! Here’s a little intro to geocaching if you’re new to this world.