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Bear, Moose visit our Squam Lake Country Inn/Bed and Breakfast

This past week has been a wild one – one filled with wildlife that is! Our Squam Lake country inn/bed and breakfast sits on 50 acres of wooded land so it’s not unusual for us to see wild animals every once in awhile. But this week within a 2 day period we had a black bear and a moose on the property. Spring is an active time for these animals. The bear have come out of hibernation and are hungry. The moose are reappearing from the deeper woods.

The black bear decided that our trash which is kept inside our woodshed might make a good snack. Luckily I heard him rummaging around before he got into anything and I was able to scare him off. The moose ran through the yard two days later apparently on his way to the lake. He walked right through the garden that Bonnie has been preparing over the past few weeks. Fortunately he didn’t do any damage to the plants.

Spotting wildlife like this is just one of the treats that our guests get when they visit Holderness and the New Hampshire lakes region. Our breakfast room features a large picture window so during our breakfast hour we are always on the lookout for visitors in our back yard. For those who don’t get a glimpse of New Hampshire’s wildlife in our backyard you can visit the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center down the street or take a moose tour in the White Mountains. If you’re looking for lodging in Holderness, Plymouth or Meredith NH and you’d like to get a taste of our great native animal and plant life we hope you’ll give us a careful look.  We offer quality accommodations in a beautiful setting.

Here’s a picture of a moose that wandered through our backyard recently.